If you are a law enforcement professional or working with a law enforcement agency, please email to have your account validated to enroll in these extended course options. This path is customized according to the case you’d like to bring from your agency to work with our professional guidance.

FG4LE-1B Instructional Path

  1. Schedule a 1 to 2-hour consultation about your case and initiating the lab process – complimentary
  2. Enroll in Forensic Genealogy 1 – Self-paced course equivalent to approximately 30 hours. This course provides interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding of how to apply genetic genealogy to cold case identifications, whether an agency wishes to work on its own or in collaboration with forensic genealogists. Includes instructional modules and an interactive case simulation as a final exam.  Identify John Doe to earn the certificate. – $300
  3. Enroll in Case Workshop (please email) – up to 20 hours of professional guidance and hands-on instruction on your own case. Includes live web meetings for up to three people from your department – $500